Things To Do When You are Bored

Do some of these things to do when you are bored now to ward off your boredom completely. Maybe one of these will become your hobby in near future.

1. Jewellery Designing

Most of the people go to a jeweler’s shop and end up buying the patterns which are available at the shop. They may be old or even sold to many other customers as well. If you want something unique and latest, design your own jewelry. Use the catalogs for imitation jewellery and your imagination. This becomes a bit expensive but pays later. If not gold or diamonds then you can design jewellery from natural beads and other natural material you get. You can make your own imitation jewellery at home. Many people make jewellery out of jute, old buttons, zips, old coins and wooden pieces.

2. Make A Kite

Making kite is really very easy. If you don’t have the material to make a real kite, the make a miniature kite from the things available at home. You might surely have some gift wrapping papers, decorative or plain both do well. Use the broomsticks to make the frame of the kite and a sewing thread to make a spool. You may even make kite from a newspaper, old magazine, your book cover or gelatine paper. You will love these miniature kites, Make a few of them and write a loving note. Give it to your loved ones and get lots of love, praises and hugs. It will kill your boredom.

3. Chocolate Wrappers

No one thinks of keeping the chocolate wrapper after eating the chocolate, but do you know you can make many decorative items out of the wrappers. Collect all the wrappers of the chocolates you had, you can also ask your family, friends and neighbours to keep them for you. When you have enough of them sort them out. Use the ones which are colourful and are of plastic. Stick the wrappers end to end. Make 3 such strips. Now make a braid of it and make different patterns of the braid. You can make an out line of the flower with this braid and then frame it. If nothing else than the empty wrapper you kept will help you know how much calories you have consumed.

4. Pet Show

If you have a pet good, if you don’t still good. Arrange for a pet show in your area. You will have a lot to do. First decide on a theme. Let’s say it’s a party theme, now make a list of terms and condition and rules of the show. Also make a list of the pets that will be allowed in the show. If the theme is party then have all the pets dressed in a party outfit. You can even include the owners and have them dressed as well in the party dress. You can even keep multiple rounds like the party theme, wedding theme, funny dresses or the swim wear.

5. Arrange Your Shoe Rack

There is never enough space in the show rack to keep our last pair of foot wear in. The reason is that is the most neglected area of your house. Now that you have time, have a look at your shoe rack and arrange it. Remove the unwanted pair and arrange the rest of them in order. Arrange in a way that you can see each pair of your shoes. Generally you don’t wear your shoes as you cannot see them. They become useless just lying idle in your shoe rack and then you don’t feel like wearing them or throwing them. then dont be ever bored.


Manoj Chauhan


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