Cow Head Mask 10

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Cow Head Mask made in Sal wood is handcrafted by Earthenwallplates artists. Each mask is Approx 16 inches in height, weighs 1kg. These when added to wall decor alongwith wallplates enhances the look of your wall decor. The ceramic colours have a matt texture, and may bleed if they come in contact with liquid. Hence, user is strongly advised not to wipe plates with a wet cloth. All plates should be lightly dusted.These should not be used to serve food, they are to be hung on walls for purely decorative purpose only. All plates are wall hanging and come with an attached fixture at the back. Although all efforts are made to create identical plates to that of the images published on the website, there could be minor shade differences, as all plates are individually hand crafted and painted when an order is placed.

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